Improve Your Functionality by the use of Prohormones

No matter the rise in their over-the-counter availability, the stories associated with the dangers of prohormone substance refuse to die. Maybe negative media publicity is one reason. The rumor finds its origin due to negative publicity attracted by usage of illegal or banned drugs which are widely used by sportsperson and if found, result in lifetime banned of the concerned athletes. In spite of this misinformation, majority of bodybuilders continue to buy prohormones online in USA. So, what is the reality? Is it absolutely safe to use them?

Let us begin with rules and regulations. You might be familiar with the Steroid Control Act of 2004 which declared some of these substances as illegal and banned their usage. However, a number of these were exempted from the list in 2004. The allowed substances are the one which are easily available and can be openly found in medical stores. The recent rise in popularity amounts to the similarity in impact like banned anabolic steroids. But unlike banned anabolic steroids, prohormones are safer to use.

Once you take a prohormone, it needs to be converted into a hormone, before it reaches different parts for the benefit. In the conversion process, some of the substance is lost. The loss is the reason why prohormone might take more time to increase body muscle as compared to banned anabolic substances. But the other anabolic substances are banned due to their negative long-term impact on the body and the organs.

The truth be told, a prohormone can have side-effects like any other drug in the world. Some of the common risks are – acne, increase in blood pressure, gynecomastia, or even growth of breasts tissues in male. The idea is to get informed about the legal ones and use the same. Some of the legal substances which are safe to use are – 5 DHEA, pregnenalone, melatonin, etc. You also need to complement the intake with other supporting ingredients and co-factors. No one can predict an individual reaction or even an allergic reaction. For this, you need to consult your physician.

Along with solid tablets, a number of liquid prohormones are on sale. You can choose in any form. The only consideration should be to choose the right product and regulate the prohormone cycle. Your trainer might suggest you cycle ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks period. After the successful completion of the cycle, you need to complement your success with a Post Cycle Treatment or PCT. Make sure that you take the necessary testosterones boosters and anti-estrogens substances for the best long-term effects.